Collab.Land Mission, Vision, and Values

This document, written by @iSpeakNerd and based on previous work by the Collab.Land team, is to be ratified as the Mission Vision and Values of the Collab.Land Co-op. It is a living document intended to be owned, modified, and enforced by delegates in addition to the whole community.

This post is intended to anchor the Co-op and help guide proposals to ensure smooth operation and aligned directionality for everyone.

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Mission :compass:

Collab.Land is empowering web3 communities with privacy-preserving identity and collaboration tools to build pro-social systems and create a better internet for people, not capital.

Vision :telescope:

To improve the world by building collaboration tools that empower self-governed communities within the Collab.Land network and beyond.

Values :purple_heart:

These values were chosen by DAO members and will be ratified as part of early governance of the Collab.Land Co-op.

:shield: Safety

We create an environment where everyone feels safe to be themselves free from hate, we believe diversity creates stronger societies, and we seek out and include diverse voices in building consensus. Our community should be open and welcoming to all people who wish to participate constructively; differences in knowledge, resources, geography, language, and life experience should be seen as opportunities to learn and to grow the community.

:handshake: Collaboration

We believe in creating the future we want to see. Our community operates with a cooperative, build-together mentality, including diverse voices as we build together.

:lock: Security

We are security minded; the safety of the system and communities should be weighed heavily when considering changes to Collab.Land.

:adult: Member-Focused

We empower positive sum relationships to build an open ecosystem where all Collab.Land members benefit together through their collaborations.

:globe_with_meridians: Decentralization

We believe that by decentralizing network governance we create aligned incentives that make for a safer social graph and ultimately a stronger civil society. We strive to produce, promote, and protect self-governed communities and social networks.

:female_detective: Data Sovereignty

We believe member data should be used transparently and only after gaining explicit consent.

:heavy_check_mark: Trustfulness

We engineer trust out of technical systems, but we recognize trust is still often required for human interactions. We deliver transparent results to build trust, we seek trust to build relationships, and we use relationships to build our communities.

:balance_scale: Responsibility

We believe Collab.Land should be built and operated with a focus on the medium to long term. Decisions about technology, economics, and resource allocation should not value short-term optimization over the longer-term health and thriving of the Collab.Land network, technology and community. We prioritize long-term benefits in decision-making, internalize social costs, and build towards a sustainable future.


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