Collab.Land subDAO: marketing, token operations, and revenue generation


Marketing, Token Operations, and Revenue Generation for Collab.Land and its Token Holders


AlphaGrowth has been working with the Collab.Land team to bring their new line of products to the masses. The Bull Market is upon us, and to ensure Collab.Land does not get left behind, we have put together some of the best and brightest minds in the Collab.Land Community. This subDAO will prioritize execution. As of this week, the AlphaGrowth team has successfully sourced a $150,000 grant for Collab.Land. That said, we will be launching the next line of products on………………………….Arbitrum! More details to come…

Project Overview and Campaigns

AlphaGrowth will run COLLAB expansion through various channels that will vastly increase project awareness and token optionality. These efforts will grow the COLLAB ecosystem and attract more users to engage with Collab.Land and its new suite of Telegram products.

A secondary subDAO centered on incentivizing creators, KOLs, and developers on TeleFrens and Collab.Land’s other products will be coming soon!

It’s essential to highlight that the core objective of this subDAO is to generate revenue for the Collab.Land Co-op.

We aim to contribute significantly to Collab.Land’s financial sustainability and growth through:

  • strategic partnerships
  • liquidity provision
  • fee collection

Key Elements

Partnership Creation and Management

  • Partnership Scope

    • Leverage both Collab.Land and AlphaGrowth’s extensive rolodexes for partnership opportunities with bridges, DEXes, money markets, and various other DeFi primitives

      1. Identify, partner, and integrate with a trusted bridge partner to bridge COLLAB to Arbitrum
      2. Identify, partner, and integrate with a trusted DEX partner to park liquidity and earn emissions and fees


Infrastructure and DeFi protocols; primary targets-funded recipients of the STIP grants

  • Secondary targets include the key DeFi protocols on Arbitrum, ETH native protocols that are also deployed on Arbitrum L2


Co-marketing and token pooling with protocols to increase exposure and optionality for Collab.Land

  • KPI: announcement-worthy partnerships that drive traffic and attention to Collab.Land
  • We’ll prioritize partnerships based on these 4 criteria:
    • accessibility
    • potential value
    • trustworthiness
    • brand alignment

Transparency and Data Monitoring

  • We will leverage Dune Analytics to closely monitor signals within the Arbitrum ecosystem. This data-driven approach will allow us to seize opportunities while exercising caution by avoiding or exiting unfavorable positions.

    • Our primary focus is on optimizing the conservation and growth of the Collab.Land Treasury.
  • Periodic updates to the Collab.Land community - On partnerships and utilization of operational allowance


  • signers: 2 from Collab.Land team, 2 from AlphaGrowth, and 1 Collab.Land Co-op community member


  • Collab.Land
    • Nerd
    • Scooby
  • AG
    • Joe
    • AG signer
  • DAO community
    • Noxe


  • SAFE on OP 0xC8d26603639D2F54bd29AD8bf0D229d26e092a44
  • SAFE on Arb 0xdF3eE2359557F10e545A4b641646C97c93E58b80


For the upcoming year, our goals for the COLLAB treasury are:

  1. 10% growth relative to ETH
  2. 20% growth relative to USD

We believe these targets are both realistic and beneficial for our DAO’s growth and stability.

Terms & Timing

The subDAO will have an operational allowance of 11.5MM COLLAB tokens per month. These tokens will be used for liquidity provision, pooling, and the occasional token-swap.

The subDAO will operate for a duration of six months, ensuring all parties remain aligned with their incentives.

To support the operation, a management fee of 1.5 million COLLAB tokens per month will be deducted. At the current COLLAB token price, this fee equates to approximately $15,000 per month. In the coming weeks, Collab.Land, the community, and AlphaGrowth will determine a fair way to unlock the monthly management fee.

We are in active communication with Hedgey Finance (same group that did COLLAB investor lockups). Tokens will be initially locked with no additional utility, and through working with Hedgey into Q1 we will progressively add utility for locked tokens as LP through development of novel Hedgey locking products.

To maintain a secure and transparent operation, we have established multisignature wallets on both the Optimism and Arbitrum chains.

Token Emission

11.5M/mo x 6mo = 69M COLLAB

Please join the conversation!


Excited for this!


What is the expected return and in what token(s)? The hardest asset in crypto is some derivative of BTC (WBTC?) but I think ETH (WETH?) is the most desirable from a combined utility/monetary value perspective. What is the asset we are going to build the deepest liquidity around?


This proposal is effectively a treasury diversification via LP for rewards (plus possible swaps), which is a strategy I support.

STIP emissions are likely to be ARB token, are we planning to hold ARB? Def a harder asset than COLLAB currently.


Price difference between deploy/removal of LP will determine the % of COLLAB converted to paired asset yes? e.g. COLLAB increases by 100%, 50% of deployed COLLAB will be converted to paired asset on LP withdrawal?

What is the intention for any tokens that we end up owning from removal of the various LPs?


Asking for 11.5Mx6months = 69M $COLLAB total = ~14% of the treasury for liquidity is a big ask. How did you arrive at that requested amount?


1.5M/mo in fees (~13% management fee) x 6mo = 9M $COLLAB

If all were held, this would put AlphaGrowth in the top 10 holders of COLLAB at 0.9% of the entire token supply, which is a bit extreme imo.

Management fee of 8% would be 0.92M/mo = 5.52M total seems more reasonable. These tokens should also be paid as time-locked tokens, not taken from unlocked liquidity tokens to ensure continued long-term alignment with Collab.Land Co-op.


Who is the team on this proposed subDAO multisig? You mentioned AlphaGrowth, but who are the persons/anons making decisions in this subDAO?
Please list the members of your Fellowship and link to any previous work:

Milestones and KPIs

Some of these critical questions from our proposal format are unanswered in your post.

Please list the critical milestone(s) that should be tracked to determine if you should receive your grant in one year: Critical milestone(s) demonstrates the proposal has been executed (a clawback is possible for failure to execute on critical milestones)

How should token delegates measure progress along this Journey:

(please include expected completion date for each)

possible milestones:

  • Benchmark Milestone 1*
    • expected number of partnerships
  • Benchmark Milestone 2
    • number of pools with value > ${XXX_USD_value}
  • Benchmark Milestone 3
    • number of pools with value > ${XXX_USD_value}

How should DAO Pass holders measure impact upon completion of this Journey?

possible KPIs:

  • KPI 1 - number of partnerships
  • KPI 2 - treasury value change rate (month-to-month )
  • KPI 3 - amount of ${rewardAsset} acquired
  • KPI 4 - amount of ${hardAsset} acquired

How do you plan to use the 150.000$ grant from Arbitrum?

I would love to see a management fee based on result. Do you think it’s possible?

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Thank you Nerd for the thoughtful response :slight_smile: Unless another opportunity presents itself we absolutely agree that ETH offers the best value proposition to build liquidity around. For the first month’s incentives, emissions and LP fees will be accumulated in the emitted asset.

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With the expected growth of the STIP, ARB and the tides of the entire Arbitrum ecosystem should rise. That said, we plan to lean in until the STIP incentives begin to dry up.

To remain conservative, we will collect the all emissions, fees, and rewards as revenue for the DAO, as opposed to compounding these funds. If the community at large prefers we compound some (or all) of this revenue, we will use an auto-compounding protocol like Beefy to automate this process.

Every two weeks, the subDAO will hold an open table to strategize based on market conditions. We will use this time for transparency reporting and sourcing ideas from the community.

To limit platform risk, we aim not to have more than 33% of total funds on one platform, and no more than 40% of an asset outside of $COLLAB.

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In a v2 style AMM the counter party asset is equally weighted. The treasury strategy will be to LP until incentives and emissions dwindle, or risk is too high. As an overall strategy: let the winner pools continue to yield and cut losses on LP positions that are not baring yield. Once yield no longer seems advantageous it will be time to find an alternative LP offer or go risk-off until a good opportunity presents itself.

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We believe decentralization has enabled meritocracy. Operating since 2018, AlphaGrowth has 5 years of experience in DeFi and Crypto BD, we have successfully led growth initiatives for multiple protocols including Kava, Sommelier Finance, NEAR, and many others.

Our learnings have been, and will continue to be, pivotal in identifying risk and reward for Collab.Land.

We are here for the long haul, and are honored to have the opportunity to be Collab.Land’s boots on the ground.

The Multi-sig will have 3 fully doxed core-team members of AlphaGrowth:

Bryan Colligan, Founder and CEO: Twitter Linkedin

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Joe Bjornsen, Co-Founder: Linkedin

Michael Borisov, CTO: Linkedin

(sorry for splitting the team info, forum only allows two links per post)

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We believe it is highly justifiable for a DAO to take a <1% equity only bet on a strong team to quarterback and catalyze ecosystem growth :slight_smile:

Our standard ask is $30,000 per month. We felt that was a non-starter in terms of helping the Collab.Land DAO. Our aim is to coordinate and help bootstrap incentives to the point where we can hit our standard schedule of fees. We believe in Collab.Land and would be open to switching to this structure in the future once there is sufficient liquidity.

Here is our standard schedule in fees:


Type of Incentive Fee
TVL incentive 10%
Transaction volume incentive/rebate 10%
Unique wallet / MAU Milestone incentive 10%
Storage usage incentive (such as filecoin rebate) 10%
Trading volume incentive 10%
Liquidity incentive to bootstrap / deepen pool 10%


Type of Investment Fee
Loan 5% origination fee
Equity investment 20% of carry
Token warrants 10% min. Allocation or 20% carry whatever is greater at unlock

DeFi Operations:

Type of Emissions Fee
Emissions 20%
Bribes 20%
Liquidity Incentives 20%
Grants Received 20%
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We will use some of the grant as a counter party asset for LP pools initially. Our aim will be to have sustainable token swaps, loans, or rebalancing against $COLLAB token in the future.

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See above for details on standard fee schedule :slight_smile:
We are happy to explore this option down the road

I wholeheartedly support the principles and direction of this proposal. However, I believe that building with trust is wrong. The very essence of cryptocurrency lies in its decentralized, trustless, and open nature, eliminating the need for intermediaries and censorship.

I firmly adhere to these values, but I also recognize the importance of timely transaction execution within critical timeframes. To address this, I propose a SAFE threshold of at least five, ensuring that participants are fully aware of the implications.

I suggest forming a multi-sig wallet with @iSpeakNerd, myself, and two chosen by your team. With a minimum of three signatures required for transaction approval, we can strike a balance between efficiency and security. While a higher threshold could be considered, I believe this is a suitable starting point to avoid unnecessary delays.

I am confident that this approach will align with the DAO core values while maintaining operational effectiveness.


ahhh thats an admin setting somewhere. lemme look

edit: it’s a newUser link filter max. I added twitter/x, linkedin, and as allowlisted domains.

you’re suggesting a 3/5 SAFE?

Yes, please note that the proposal was originally with a 2/3 majority vote. While I’m open to have more active users, finding reliable individuals with constant availability to their wallet might be a challenge.


I support using $collab to earn investment income but imo this is separate to revenue generation, telefrens, and the subDao centered on incentivizing creators(unless funded by this).
Prefer to keep this prop to seeking grants and dex/bridge deployment.

The fee for AlphaGrowth $90k over 6 months seems like a lot to me for finding places to deploy collab token. If the $15k/month is more than fees generated then a profit would rely on new grants. If there is significant tech infrastructure given to the Collabland co-op then that might be worth the cost of hiring this team.

I’m sure I misunderstand the standard schedule of fees for AlphaGrowth. Are those fees payable with or without the contract for $15k a month? Was there a $30,000 fee paid for the ARB grant?

Given the requested spend, can you share previous clients and dex/bridge success please?

Strong preference for long term active members (Noxe, iSpeakNerd) on the multisig (as default Collabland subDao structure).


Need to see

posted to this forum

  • OP SAFE address + signers
  • Arbitrum SAFE address + signers

We’re aligned. We’ll setup the multisig with all of us tomorrow!

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Long term we aim to reach the 15k per month threshold based solely on success fees (listed above), but to address the cold start problem, we’ll begin with this retainer. Once success fees reach 15k/month, this will replace the retainer.

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