Collab.Land subDAO: marketing, token operations, and revenue generation

Joe Bjornsen, Co-Founder: Linkedin

Michael Borisov, CTO: Linkedin

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We believe it is highly justifiable for a DAO to take a <1% equity only bet on a strong team to quarterback and catalyze ecosystem growth :slight_smile:

Our standard ask is $30,000 per month. We felt that was a non-starter in terms of helping the Collab.Land DAO. Our aim is to coordinate and help bootstrap incentives to the point where we can hit our standard schedule of fees. We believe in Collab.Land and would be open to switching to this structure in the future once there is sufficient liquidity.

Here is our standard schedule in fees:


Type of Incentive Fee
TVL incentive 10%
Transaction volume incentive/rebate 10%
Unique wallet / MAU Milestone incentive 10%
Storage usage incentive (such as filecoin rebate) 10%
Trading volume incentive 10%
Liquidity incentive to bootstrap / deepen pool 10%


Type of Investment Fee
Loan 5% origination fee
Equity investment 20% of carry
Token warrants 10% min. Allocation or 20% carry whatever is greater at unlock

DeFi Operations:

Type of Emissions Fee
Emissions 20%
Bribes 20%
Liquidity Incentives 20%
Grants Received 20%
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We will use some of the grant as a counter party asset for LP pools initially. Our aim will be to have sustainable token swaps, loans, or rebalancing against $COLLAB token in the future.

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See above for details on standard fee schedule :slight_smile:
We are happy to explore this option down the road

I wholeheartedly support the principles and direction of this proposal. However, I believe that building with trust is wrong. The very essence of cryptocurrency lies in its decentralized, trustless, and open nature, eliminating the need for intermediaries and censorship.

I firmly adhere to these values, but I also recognize the importance of timely transaction execution within critical timeframes. To address this, I propose a SAFE threshold of at least five, ensuring that participants are fully aware of the implications.

I suggest forming a multi-sig wallet with @iSpeakNerd, myself, and two chosen by your team. With a minimum of three signatures required for transaction approval, we can strike a balance between efficiency and security. While a higher threshold could be considered, I believe this is a suitable starting point to avoid unnecessary delays.

I am confident that this approach will align with the DAO core values while maintaining operational effectiveness.


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you’re suggesting a 3/5 SAFE?

Yes, please note that the proposal was originally with a 2/3 majority vote. While I’m open to have more active users, finding reliable individuals with constant availability to their wallet might be a challenge.


I support using $collab to earn investment income but imo this is separate to revenue generation, telefrens, and the subDao centered on incentivizing creators(unless funded by this).
Prefer to keep this prop to seeking grants and dex/bridge deployment.

The fee for AlphaGrowth $90k over 6 months seems like a lot to me for finding places to deploy collab token. If the $15k/month is more than fees generated then a profit would rely on new grants. If there is significant tech infrastructure given to the Collabland co-op then that might be worth the cost of hiring this team.

I’m sure I misunderstand the standard schedule of fees for AlphaGrowth. Are those fees payable with or without the contract for $15k a month? Was there a $30,000 fee paid for the ARB grant?

Given the requested spend, can you share previous clients and dex/bridge success please?

Strong preference for long term active members (Noxe, iSpeakNerd) on the multisig (as default Collabland subDao structure).


Need to see

posted to this forum

  • OP SAFE address + signers
  • Arbitrum SAFE address + signers

We’re aligned. We’ll setup the multisig with all of us tomorrow!

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Long term we aim to reach the 15k per month threshold based solely on success fees (listed above), but to address the cold start problem, we’ll begin with this retainer. Once success fees reach 15k/month, this will replace the retainer.

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Nope :slight_smile: we did not take a % of this grant


Some success stories:

Ran growth for NEAR protocol
Ran GTM for Sommelier Finance
Ran BD and Growth for Aurora EVM - brought over 40 protocols
Ran BD and Growth for Kava - brought over 70 DeFi protocols

Some of the bridges and dexes we’ve worked with:

Synapse, Gravity bridge, Layer0
Velodrome, Equilibre, Chronos, Ramses, Solidly, Uniswap, SushiSwap


This could also help :slight_smile:


@Joe please add some version of this into your post above:

signer spreadsheet

  • signers: 2 from Collab.Land team, 2 from AlphaGrowth, and 1 Collab.Land Co-op community member


  • OP SAFE address + signers


  • Arbitrum SAFE address + signers

Proposal is open for voting:


@AlPlanet @Joe @Noxe

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I’ll vote no to prop as it but I’m very happy with the experience and professionalism of AlphaGrowth and I’d like to refine this prop (if not approved) to align our futures closer.
I’m aware of the current opportunity for grants and expansion so I’m hopeful and thankful for the work of AlphaGrowth to help us either way.

I find the $90,000 minimum fee for 6 month contract high.
I find the fees 20% of grants etc high.

The issue I have is that deploying liquidity doesn’t create demand.
Paying such a high rate to do it is spending 9 million++ COLLAB in the short term that takes the long term to recoup in fees. I don’t see this as a sustainable revenue stream for Collabland co-op with these ActiveGrowth fees. Paying 1%+ of COLLAB supply to deploy 7% of the supply.
Grants are issued to support development costs of a project, 20% to acquire one is limiting development potential.

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