Proposal Types + Templates

All community should align around the Season One Orientations :compass:. All work supported or executed by the Co-op should be in pursuit of our Orientations.

Season 1 Orientations :compass:

1. Miniapp Marketplace adoption + usage

2. Community

3. Risk + Compliance

4. $COLLAB token

Proposal types

I suggest 4 major types of proposals for the Collab.Land Co-op.

  1. CLIP - Collab.Land Improvement Proposal - substantive changes to Collab.Land or Collab.Land Co-op governance
  2. CLAPs - Collab.Land miniApp Proposals - proposals for miniapp marketplace, miniapp adoption, etc.
  3. JoPs - Journey Proposal - time-blocked proposals with defined requests
  4. CCVs - Code of Conduct Violations - malfeasance and other violations of the Code of Conduct

All proposals are done through token voting on Collab.Land’s governor contract.

Collab.Land Improvement Proposal (CLIP)

These are proposals for changes to core Collab.Land software and DAO governance. Bot functionalities are handled by core Collab.Land team.

Collab.Land miniApp Proposal (CLAP)

CLAPs are a subset of CLIPs limited to concerns surrounding the Miniapp Marketplace. These proposals are for changes to the Collab.Land Miniapp Marketplace. The parameters of the Marketplace will be DAO governed. Parameters include:

  • Miniapp listing requirements
  • Miniapp install requirements
  • Miniapp security audits
  • Miniapp approval voting

Economic model with tunable variables needed, community get cracking!

Journey Proposal (JoP)

These are short-term grants as described in How Funding Works. We are accepting JoPs on the Season 1 Orientations at this time.

Code of Conduct Violation (CCV)

For DAO votes on issues of malfeasance and inappropriate behavior that violates the community Code of Conduct.


CLAP template

Journey Proposal Template

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