[Draft Proposal] Grant council


There is 82M COLLAB returned to treasury from unclaimed token claim, see details: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTzKEXj3N8b3_rF_cjTGDGghdbJ9Cl00q0Q0BeAz4JVICi0WurI7EF68fhGoM6jZYWE4U-TgTpFs9NW/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true

We propose the creation of a Grants Council to manage the allocation of these funds for the community & to fund projects in alignment with our ecosystem. The Grants Council will be responsible for managing the Governance Fund grants process and will have full decision-making authority as to which grants are made unless request exceeds $5000 USD.

Proposal Details

The Grants Council will be comprised of 2 members of Collab.Land Team and 3 Contributors.

The following are the details of the proposed allocation of funds:

Grants Council will have 13.5% of the returned tokens (11.1M $COLLAB) allocated to it.

Smol Grants of Unclaimed Airdrop: We propose allocating 10% (8.4M $COLLAB) of unclaimed airdrop tokens towards grants. These grants will be awarded to projects that are aligned with our vision and mission. The Grants Council is charged with reviewing projects and aligning with the four Season 1 Orientations. Grants are not to be disbursed without achievable milestones tied to metrics they are meant to impact; some examples on the forums.

No-Proposal Funds for Jumpstarting Activity: We propose allocating 1% of returned $COLLAB (824k $COLLAB) towards no-proposal funds for jumpstarting activity. These funds will be used to support projects that are not yet ready to submit a formal proposal, to โ€œbackpayโ€ early contributors, & anything at the discretion of the Grant Council. The maximum amount that can be disbursed through no-proposal is $500 USD.

Sustainability: We propose allocating 2.5% (2M $COLLAB) of grants treasury towards sustainability of attention, to be paid to grants council members in locked tokens with a linear monthly vest until the end of 2023.

Nominal Maximum Amounts eligible for a grant: If a proposal requiresmore than $5000 it is not eligible for Small-Grant Council review and will have to proceed with a DAO Proposal.

Requirements to be in part of the grant council:
Be an active Governance Delegate


We believe that this proposal will help us allocate funds more efficiently and effectively while ensuring that we remain true to our vision and mission.

Please note that this is just a draft proposal and should be reviewed before implementation.

We are encouraging everyone to share their feedback on the proposal. We want to hear from everyone!


I have 3 main questions:

  1. How do people get on to the Small-Grants Council?
  2. How do people get off of/removed from the Small-Grants Council?
  3. How does the DAO measure the effectiveness of the Small-Grants Council?

Great move, but we donโ€™t have enough liquidity to archive this aim.

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hey @Noxe, thanks for the proposal. Can you elaborate on what will be funded through the program, how the members will be selected,

Can you elaborate on this point? Does this mean itโ€™s some sort of early โ€˜โ€˜airdropโ€™โ€™ to groups that use Collabland?

Hello @Baer.eth,
I donโ€™t have an answers for you, we are still discussing the details.

Can you elaborate on this point? Does this mean itโ€™s some sort of early โ€˜โ€˜airdropโ€™โ€™ to groups that use Collabland?


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In response to valuable feedback from the community about low liquidity on $COLLAB we temporarily paused this draft proposal.
The issue has now been resolved and Iโ€™m confident to move forward with the proposal.

The full proposal with more details will be proposed soon.