Season 1 Fellowship Guide

Season 1 Fellowship Guide

A Fellowship is a group of people (new or pre-existing) that work together to finish a Journey. Fellowships can showcase their successful Journey as an NFT using

What does a Fellowship require?

Some key features each Fellowship must have:

  • A leader. The Trust Level<link needed!> of the leader is the Trust Level of the Fellowship. The leader will also be the main communication point for governance to ask questions and get updates, and must be available for such communication.

  • A Journey. The Journey can be a new Journey the Fellowship is applying for (Proposed Journey).

  • Defensible value. A good Fellowship has a clear and explainable reason why they are best suited to execute its Journey. Do you have: a unique skill combination? Unique contextual understanding? Unique relevant experience?

    • If proposing a new Journey, a Fellowship must be able to explain its Proposed Journey’s impact on the Co-op and how it furthers one or more of the Co-op’s Orientations.

What does a Good Fellowship have?

  • Reward distribution plan: There should be a clear plan for distributing the Journey funding to the Fellowship members.

  • Conflict resolution plan: an internal conflict resolution process. The Co-op will not intervene in internal Fellowship disputes unless they directly relate to defrauding the Co-op.

    • Here are some helpful questions to consider:
      • What do we do if someone has worked significantly less than everyone else?
      • What if someone gets sick and cannot contribute through no fault of their own?
      • What do we do if someone wants to leave the Alliance?
      • Are you following the leader strictly (dictatorship) or allowing everyone to have an equal say? (democracy). Both are valid options!
  • Communication: Have a dedicated space for communication (like Discord, Slack, Telegram, etc.). If creating a Fellowship from scratch, check for timezone compatibility or sufficient overlap.