[Template] Collab.Land miniApp Proposal v0.2

First Draft

Feedback from CL DevRel team is submission should be easy for developers to create, want to make submission into Y-Combinator/hackathon style video proposal.

Create your post in the Miniapp Marketplace category :pray:

[Template] Miniapp Proposal


  • Project name:
  • Miniapp Documentation link: [md github repo or equivalent]
    • includes project contact info
  • Community engagement #miniapp-ideas post link [optional]:
  • Date Submitted:


TL;DR: Please include a one line description
Distracted DAOist Summary: (No more than 50 words)

Miniapp Video Demo

*[2 minute time limit]*

Video should include:

  • what the miniapp does
    • what are the slash commands
    • what do the commands do
Example video

example video 0:04-2:02