Huddle01 - Miniapp Proposal

Huddle01 - Miniapp Proposal



TL;DR: Create token gated and normal Huddle01 meeting using simple commands.

Distracted DAOist Summary: Your one app to meet, work or hang out. Enjoy exciting features like wallet and social login, token-gating, live streaming, recording, NFTs as PFPs, DIDs as display names, and more on Huddle01.

Miniapp Video Demo

Demo Video


I love this product.
If I am still going to connect my wallet, why do I still need to connect to discord?

hmmm, not sure i understand. you’d still need to be able to talk with all the people who don’t have their wallets connected yet, right?

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Oh, I think I get the concept well now.
Is it something like what Collab uses to stream on YouTube and do their recordings? or this is totally different.

It’s a wallet-based Zoom for video calling. Check out info on the CL docs huddle01 | Collab.Land Documentation

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