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Collab.Land is launching Telefrens imminently, just waiting on a technical infra partner to stabilize their network. But we need to make sure we are onboarding Creators who will bring their followings with them. This is our bootstrap phase where the more people we have making transactions, the better we are doing.

In short, Telefrens is the Collab.Land GTM strategy for the gmPASS. We are onboarding Creators who will bring their followings and start folks using the gmPASS which we and 3rd party devs will add functions to with Miniapps from the Miniapp Marketplace.

The new thing here is that Miniapps will now be for individuals AND communities.

Open the Product Map below to a high-level visual overview of the product vision and how it all can fit together.

Product Map

All of that is to say, we need Telefrens to bring in a lot of users, so some incentives to Creators who meet milestones for onboarding users can go a long way in forwarding the whole network.

Activity eligible for bonus rewards

Begin to engage and help us create a Collab.Land Creator Fund (centered around $COLLAB token)

Points system:

  • invite early group
  • create group
  • create copy trading portfolio
  • create copy trading single link
  • purchase passes
  • purchase porfolio
  • purchase copy trading link
  • sell 20, 50, 100 passes

Onboarding followers and other Creators

This is the way to bootstrap and grow the network. We want to design a viral incentive program that will get each person to invite ever more people.

Continued Advising & Strategy around Collab Narrative

We expect Creators to stick around and participate in discussions and strategy around the following topics:

  • Telefrens
  • copy trading links
  • Attention Network
  • Determine what Creators care about & segment the communities
  • EIP-4337
  • MPC-wallet
  • AI tools for Creators to entertain AlphaGroups


Please list the critical milestone(s) that should be tracked to determine if grant should unlock in one year:
Each Creator must:

  • Sell 100 passes to their personal Telefrens Group
  • Onboard 10 other Creators to Telefrens
    • Onboarding is complete when _______

Token incentives

We’ve defined the maximal amount of Creator Incentives at the protocol level, but here’s some math to game it out, based on the bonding curve definitions.

Note: bonding curve definitions are still under internal discussion within Collab.Land team.

It’s debatable if these token incentives fall into Collab.Land no-sale requirements and should be provided as locked tokens only.

The Collab.Land team will track invites and referrals to ensure milestones are met before disbursement of funds.

Suggested point rewards for Creators and Telefrens users


Suggested point rewards for Creators and Telefrens users

Let’s do this!
Can you provide a clear number on how much $COLLAB would be allocated to this? And any predicted results in term of users/revenues would be amazing
Thanks @iSpeakNerd for the hard work!


First off, it’s exciting to see the Collab.Land Co-op open discussion of a Telefrens Creator fund initiative. I believe the focus on engaging creators to showcase the tech to their audience is a pivotal step to help grow the user base of this project. A few thoughts to consider:

  1. Creator Engagement: Emphasizing the importance of onboarding creators who are not just popular, but also actively engaged with their communities, will be key. These creators are more likely to bring loyal followings who will actively participate in the Telefrens ecosystem.
  2. Incentive Structure: The points system for activities like inviting early groups, creating copy trading portfolios, and selling passes is a great start. It might be beneficial to add additional layers to these incentives, focusing on long-term engagement rather than just initial actions.
  3. Education and Support: Providing creators with comprehensive resources and support to understand and utilize the gmPASS and Miniapps effectively I think will be essential. This can include tutorials, webinars, or even one-on-one sessions with creators.
  4. Feedback Mechanism: Establish a feedback loop with early adopters. Understanding what works and what doesn’t from the creators’ perspective can help in refining the strategy and making the platform more welcoming to newcomers.
  5. Collab Narrative Strategy: Continuous engagement in discussions around Telefrens, copy trading links, and AI tools will help in keeping the creators involved and invested in the platform’s growth. Segmenting communities based on their interests and needs can further personalize the experience.
  6. Milestone Tracking: The milestones for creators are clear and measurable, which is excellent. However, it might be beneficial to also track the quality of engagement within the groups formed by these creators. Quantity should not overshadow the quality of interactions and transactions.
  7. Token Incentives: The debate around locked tokens is crucial. Ensuring that the incentives align with the long-term value proposition of the platform and do not encourage short-term, speculative behaviors is vital.

That said, Telefrens has the potential to significantly impact the way creators and communities interact with each other. With a well-thought-out strategy and a focus on both creator and user engagement, this initiative can set a new standard in the space.

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It’s on the spreadsheet but probably not very clear, 6M COLLAB over 6 months. 1.5, 1.5, 1, 1, 0.5, 0.5 for each month.

That’s the section at the bottom of the first sheet of the file :grin:

The cell I’m highlighting here shows that when the 20th pass for a group is created (meaning there are 20 passes in existence at the same time) the co-op has earned a minimum of 0.006175 ETH. There could be more if people sold passes in the run up to 20 passes existing. So large groups generate the most revenue (as expected).

Onchain actions are worth points and points totals for each time period show who is eligible, shown on sheet2.
here’s an example with some fake data

Team is planning to adjust the Weights over time as we analyze data and see how people are actually using it and how much effect the incentives are having. For reference, a creator who grows their TF group to 100 members has earned ~1ETH for CL and ~1ETH for themselves just off of pass sales.

what do you suggest?

Love to have the DAOists organize twitter spaces with :whale:s

I think we got the first question answered during our DAOist session today between the Telefriends revenue model and quickly reviewing the bonding curve incentives doc.

That said from the discussion, the need for additional layers shouldn’t be necessary if it’s not needed since the rewards would be based on validating on-chain activity, while ultimately help expand user growth and generate revenue from the product.

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:+1: sounds good fren