Top 100 Community Violations

The top 100 communities, after receiving the airdrop, did not distribute according to the agreement, but sold all the guilds. I suggest that the community freeze their addresses.

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This is definitely going to be HUGE! as the team has been an inspiration in their innovative approaches towards achieving the project goals and visions, I am so glad to be part of this project

@BLACK what proof do you have? Please read the Guidance on Conflict section on harassment vs criticism for an example

I think if there was to be penalties for not following through then it should be said at the outset.

So as there was no penalty shown then we just learn from this airdrop I think.
In future we could have consequences shown at start (if we want some).

I observed that the @PymeDAO guild is selling. He got 1.3 million tokens, of which he distributed about 900,000 to another address and sold some of them. Now he will sell the remaining more than 300,000 tokens. The small sale will start today. Hope the team can stop this violation from him

again, please read the Guidance on Conflict section on harassment vs criticism for an example of a productive post.


OK :white_check_mark: Laying out the facts with clear supporting evidence in an appropriate place, without including your personal opinion with the evidence.

e.g.: Project XYZ transferred their funds on xx day, as you can see in this transaction 0x…. This action clearly violated the no sale rule outlined in the Operating Manual{link}. I have started a thread in the Monitoring governance forum{link}, if anyone else has evidence please add it.

The team has no control over tokens that are already distributed.

Good criticism includes:

  • include links to transactions
  • collect information in one place
  • suggest possible solutions